Jameson, Eliot, and Eastlake on ONE Map

The individual itineraries for Jameson, Eastlake, and Eliot are already pretty busy maps. Here are a pie chart and a simplified interactive map of the Italian cities visited by each of the three.* If you click on cities on the map, you can see basic information about the year(s) of their visits. You can choose to look at each or all. This map shows very starkly how many more locations Eastlake visited than the other two women, who stuck to more traditional tourist itineraries. They are all very typical of the travel habits of their time in that none of them went further south than Naples and Pompeii. 

Pie Chart

* Disclaimer: For Jameson, some of the details of her trips are hard or impossible to trace; for Eastlake, it is sometimes hard to say whether she accompanied her husband to all of these sites.