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George Eliot ca 1865.jpg
Portrait in chalk of George Eliot, ca 1865, by Sir Frederic Burton

A photograph of the fresco Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints by Fra Angelico, from the East corridor of the first floor (upstairs) at the Monastery of San Marco, Florence

Fra Angelico, Christ on the Cross Adored by St. Dominic, a fresco on the north upstairs corridor of the Monastery of San Marco in Florence

2019x - 1212.jpg
A modern-day photograph (2019) of the main cloister of the Monastery of San Marco, Florence

Anna Jameson 1844.jpg
Salted paper print of an 1844 photograph of Anna Brownell Jameson,

Anna Jameson by Murphy.jpg
Anna Jameson at age 16, in an engraving after a miniature by her father Denis Brownell Murphy

Florence at Dusk.jpg
This is a contemporary (2019) view of the cityscape of Florence at dusk, from the southern hillsides. The cathedral (Duomo) and the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio are both visible, as well as several of the historic bridges, including the Ponte Vecchio…

Madonna della Sedia.jpeg
The "Madonna della Seggiola" or "Madonna della Sedia" is a painting by Raphael, ca. 1513-1514

Piazza della Signoria.jpg
Photograph of three major sculptures on the Piazza della Signoria, as seen from the Loggia dei' Lanzi: Michelangelo's David and Bandinelli's Hercules and Cacus as seen from behind Cellini's Perseus.

San Marco Plan Ground Floor.jpeg
These are plans of the ground and upper floors of San Marco drawn by Timothy Koehle for William Hood's book Fra Angelico at San Marco. The plan and legend of the upper floor have been altered by Antje Anderson for the purposes of this project.
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